Like A Girl Digital Activism

The Like a Girl campaign is one of my favorite examples of digital activism. It truly has transformed they way society thinks about the saying “like a girl”. The whole idea behind this campaign was to transform the saying “like a girl” that was originally seen as an insult into an empowering message for females. This campaign has made females realize they should be proud to do things “like a girl”. The campaign started in 2014 when Procter and Gamble’s brand Always did a social experiment. They would ask people of all ages to “run like a girl”, “fight like a girl”, and more statements like this. Once it was all filmed, they began to campaign with the saying “like a girl”. They wanted to demonstrate how “like a girl” should be a meaningful and powerful statement for women to embrace. It was the young girls in the video who demonstrated that “like a girl” is in fact not an insult and should be taken as a compliment. Overall, responses from society have been very positive and supportive of the campaign. Many famous people and women of power have used the #LikeAGirl on twitter to support the movement.

The campaign reached its peak during the 2015 Superbowl when the Like a Girl commercial by Always aired. The commercial ends with a little girl saying that run like a girl means to “run as fast as you can”. This moment demonstrates how little girls have not let society influence what they think the saying “like a girl” means. Their honesty demonstrates how “like a girl” should not be taken as an insult and instead be embraced by females. Furthermore, this Superbowl commercial was groundbreaking for a few important reasons. Feminine products, especially something like pads, are not typically advertised during the Superbowl. However, this commercial had a stronger purpose than simply advertising their product. They used realistic women rather than creating an idealized woman that traditional commercials tend to do. They also aimed to make an empowering social statement, and it worked.

Since Always is tackling such an important social issue the campaign targets society as a whole in hopes of changing the meaning behind “like a girl”. More specifically, now Always promotes the campaign in a way for girls to “embrace failure as a fuel to build confidence and Keep Going #LikeAGirl” (Our Epic Battle #LikeAGirl). It has been found that when girls go through puberty their confidence drops and they avoid trying new things all because they are afraid of failure. Thus, their targeted audience primarily is girls going through puberty. The ultimate goal of this campaign is to empower girls going through puberty all around the world and encourage them to try new things, not be afraid of failure, and Keep Going #LikeAGirl. I think that they effectively accomplished their goals. Their video got society engaged and excited about the movement.One thing I think the movement is lacking is updated commercials or videos for the campaign. I think having more videos could enhance the effectiveness of the campaign. Not only did their 2015 Superbowl commercial make a strong statement, but Always also educates adolescent girls on puberty and their cycles to make them more confident about a topic that can often make people uncomfortable. The hashtag, #LikeAGirl was definitely pivotal and fueling the campaign and allowed people to show in their own ways how “like a girl” can mean amazing things.