Memes Blogpost: Millennial Creators

Who are the creators of memes? This question is definitely very subjective, but I would argue that the main authors of memes are us Millennials. We are the generation that grew up learning from childhood how to work all different types of technology. We adapt quickly and pick up technological skills quickly. Memes are on every social media network I can think of. There is a ton of content out there so it is hard to really specify one specific set of creators. I think anyone who creates content and makes it into a meme are creators, however I would definitely assume Millennials are leading the way. I also think that memes tended to be made by a group of people. As Dylan Baierlein explains, the way it works in their office while creating memes truly demonstrates a group effort. Everyone works together to either approve, change, or veto a meme that someone creates. All the content they put out there comes back to their identity and values, so its important they stay true to their core beliefs and purpose. I found this article to be very insightful. I for the most part use memes as a way to communicate sarcasm or humor with my friends. We do not take memes too seriously. However, the #NeverAgain movement demonstrates how memes can be used to promote important messages to society, and people can even learn important cultural and historical content from memes. Overall, anyone has the ability to be a creator or author of a meme. But many memes do not go viral, and many memes are not as effective and progressive as the ones Dylan Baierlein and his peers are creating. Memes are a long future ahead of them, and I believe they can make strong statements for enduring social concerns our society needs to act more quickly on, such as gun violence.