Regulating Speech on Social Media – Committee Blogpost

As the committee decides whether or not speech should be more regulated on social media, there are many questions that must be addressed by the pro-regulation and anti-regulation groups. One big debate both groups will have to cover is the free speech versus hate speech. When does free speech go to far and ultimately resemble hate speech? How do we define free speech and how do we define hate speech? Is there a way to have free speech without hate speech? These are major concepts and questions that will have to be discussed in front of the committee for us to understand both sides and hear the benefits and downfalls about free speech and hate speech.

Another big question I would like to hear the pro-regulation group discuss their arguments against all the negative impacts tighter regulations will have on society. What would happen to our society with tightened speech regulation on social media, a place that was formed for the purpose of freely and easily communicating with peers? Freedom of speech is one of the most valued privileges as a citizen of the United States. Is regulating speech on social media undermining this core values our founders did so much to prioritize? What impact will tighter regulation have on the social media platforms as a business? Will people stop using social media and perhaps take more action towards their opinions? If people start to take more action instead of making posts on social media, will this action turn to violence? These are things the committee must consider and look into before making any decisions.

In regards to the anti-regulation group, I would like to hear their arguments against all the positive impacts tighter speech regulations on social media will have on society. For example, tightly regulating speech on social media will definitely decrease the amount of hate speech, which is something our country has been struggling with overcoming. Furthermore, regulating speech on social media will make people feel safer and more welcomed. Despite the fact that regulation may undermine our core value of free speech, it will help deplete the enduring issue of hate speech and bullying online.

Ultimately, I am undecided in how much speech should be regulated on social media and the arguments these two opposing groups make will definitely influence my opinion.