Social Media Autobiography

Social media has always been an interest in my life, and right when platforms like Twitter and Instagram came out I was on them. I also secretly started using Facebook in 7th grade because my parents did not want me on social media. The whole idea of a kid being on the internet with a profile freaked them out. But, all my friends were making profiles so my parents’ fears were not going to stop me from being on social media. I still remember the day I made my Facebook account. I was at my friend’s Katie’s house and her desktop computer was downstairs, so she helped me create an account. I had to pretend I was 18 so made up my birth year. Now I have to hide my birth year on my Facebook account or else it will say I am turning 30 next year.

My twitter account was named after the song that made me fall in love with Justin Bieber “Say That You Love Me”, and was public. As an avid fan in 7th grade I would send mass tweets “@justinbieber” to try and get him to notice me, follow me, favorite my tweet, or anything to get his attention (it never worked and I am VERY embarrassed at how hard I tried). Now my twitter is on private and I never use it. I do not even have the app on my phone anymore.

Instagram is probably my favorite out of these three platforms. Although I do not post weekly, I like the idea of having a photo blog. The thing that drives me crazy about Instagram is the fact that some people get so crazy about what to post, how to edit their photo, and are too concerned about what people are going to think of their photo and how many likes they are going to get. I don’t think too much when I post something, and that is probably why I do not use it as much as other people.

VSCO is fun to use because it is a platform where I can post however many pictures I want at a time, and the content is less “serious”. It’s more a photo blog than Instagram is and I think it is the more “artsy” way of posting photos. It’s also fun to follow random account and republish cool photos that you like.

Overall, my family would consider me a social media expert, but I don’t consider myself an expert at all. None of my accounts are “picture perfect”. Although social media really interests me and I think it is a huge part of not only personal life but also work life, I try to not let it consume my time. Compared to the people in my generation and everyone that surrounds me, I am not on social media as much as the average person my age probably is. I never get involved in fights over social media, nor do I pay attention to social media everyday. I embrace the moments as they come. I think social media has a toxic side to it that I hope to never experience.¬†One of my pet peeves is when something exciting is happening and everyone is behind their screen taking a snapchat instead of really soaking in the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I love snapchat and think it’s fun to use but personally snapping something isn’t ever the first thing I think to do.

If I had to choose my favorite platforms I would choose Facebook and Instagram. I think these platforms can be a great way to keep up with people’s lives that are important to you. I am not the best at talking to so many people everyday, so I use social media to keep up with what my extended family and friends that I do not get to see everyday are doing. In this way, I think social media is great. However, people definitely abuse social media to the extent where it clogs up my news feed with content I don’t find necessary or to my interest. Maybe I’ll start to be more specific with who I decide to follow on Instagram and who I keep as friends on Facebook in order to make my feed more specific towards my personal interests.