Twitter is Dying

I believe that Twitter is irrelevant. I would not go as far to say it is unusable, however I would agree with the fact that Twitter’s “moment” has passed. Not only does the stock dropping significantly emphasize how Twitter’s moment has passed. The fact that other social media platforms can be used for Twitter’s best feature, that being it’s “real-time feed”, demonstrates how Twitter is becoming irrelevant. I do not think the world would suffer if Twitter ceased to exist. I honestly think it may benefit some people who do not tweet or retweet the smartest things. Either way, the world could go on without Twitter and I don’t think the same thing can be said for other platforms. It would cause chaos if another platform shut down such as Facebook. People who have a Twitter account usually do not solely rely on their Twitter account as their one social media network. People more often than not only have a Facebook page rather than only having a Twitter account.


I don’t mean to offend avid tweeters. I may be bias since I do not use Twitter myself, however there are definitely notable benefits from its existence. For example, Twitter is a platform where people can connect on current controversial issues. People are able to follow along current issues or topics and state their own opinion, making them feel more connected to the world. The creation of hashtags was brilliant, however something every social media platform now uses. Twitter can be used to bring awareness to issues with the use of a simple hashtag. Twitter can also be a place for people with similar interests and demographics to interact, for example the concept of “Black Twitter”. Aside from all the benefits however are downfalls to Twitter such as bullying, harassment, and fights. Some of these issues have pushed people away from using Twitter, especially people in the spot light such as celebrities. Twitter has a difficult time prohibiting these negative aspects from happening whereas other social media platforms have figured out ways to limit these issues. Like Maya Kosoff states, Twitter’s “financial imperatives have muddied the waters between protecting users’ [freedom of] speech and safety”. Twitter is definitely going to make some changes in the near future, and in my opinion this may make or break their last opportunity to become a relevant social media platform again. Joshua Topolsky mentions that Twitter has hundreds and millions of dedicated users. I wonder what Twitter will do in attempt to become relevant again and how this will impact current users? Will taking away the feature that Twitter is most known for (the 140 word limitation) bring more users in, or will it ultimately loose its core purpose and forever become a platform of the past that epically failed? Will Twitter lose employees with the spreading idea that it is becoming more irrelevant? Time will tell what the future holds for Twitter…but my guess is Twitter’s relevancy will never return.